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Brief:Exhaust Bellow Assemblies are also referred to as Flexible Connector, Car connectors and Flexible Couplings. These units are incorporated in the automobile exhaust system to reduce the noise level and dampen engine vibration.

Exhaust Bellow also serves in absorbing thermal and vibrational stresses at high temperatures and compensates for misalignment in the exhaust assembly.

The design ensures that there is no leakage of exhaust gas, complying with pollution norms.


Highlights:Exhaust Bellows for such applications are assembled with an exterior layer of Stainless Steel wire braiding, duly secured at both ends with aluminized / Stainless Steel formed cups.

Internal liners are also provided using Stainless Steel wire braiding or Polygon Profile Interlocked Hose.

The Bellows are designed using the EJMA VIII Edition Standard and are manufactured using the Hydro forming / Elastomer forming technologies.

We also offer Polygon Profile Interlocked Independent Exhaust Connectors for application in light and heavy commercial vehicles.

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