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Flexible Turbo Oil Drain Tubes are designed by us based on individual applications.

These assemblies are produced from thin walled stainless steel tubes to better absorb thermal stresses at high temperatures.

This Product is suitable for absorbing lateral deflection and vibrational stresses due to its inherent design characteristics.

Conventional Turbo Oil Drain Pipe

A conventional Turbo Oil Drain Pipe Assembly comprises of two rigid pipes coupled independently with the engine using flanges and connected with a Flexible Rubber Hose, secured at both ends with clips.

This design is prone to mismatch during assembly and also susceptible to leakage of the engine oil during its operation. Several cases of engine failures / seizures have resulted due to oil leaking from such conventional assemblies.


Ranflex Stainless Steel Flexible Oil Drain Pipes

RANFLEX has developed Stainless Steel Flexible Oil Drain Tubes which eliminates the possibility of oil leakage and also facilitates easy fitment and misalignment.

Major Engine Manufactures have now started replacing the conventional Pipes with RANFLEX design Stainless Steel "Flexible Turbo Drain Tubes".

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