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Bellows offered by us are designed based on E.J.M.A. guidelines and our standard range comprises of Bellows from 1/2" NB upto 12" NB, in single and multi-ply construction for different working temperatures, pressures and movements.

We offer short, medium and long movements from our standard range. The movements specified are for equal rated compression and extension about the free length of the unit. It is permissible to "cold draw" the units.

The standard range of bellows are available for maximum pressure rating upto 16 bar and temperature rating upto 750°C. For high pressure ratings multi-ply Bellows are recommended and can be offered.

The standard material used by us are stainless steel in grades AISI 304, 316L and 321 depending upon the requirement of working temperature and environment. End fittings can be provided, such as, flanges, pipe ends, tie-rods etc.

The Cyclic life of a Bellow depends upon the extent to which it is stressed under optimum working Pressure, Temperature, Axial and Lateral deflection. To achieve a long life. a Bellow must be operated well within the maximum design parameters for both deflection and pressure.

The quality control and manufacturing procedures adopted meet the requirement of all major companies, National and International Standards. Quality control checks are conducted at various manufacturing stages resulting in a high quality end product.

Besides our standard range, we also undertake design and development of specialized Bellows for specific applications.
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